Commissione Nazionale Scuole di Speleologia Italiana

The teaching of caving is promoted and organized by the National Commission of Italian Speleology School (CNSS-SSI) teaching a technical organ of the Italian Speleological Society.

Its educational programs include the teaching of safety regulations for the prevention of accidents in the caves and the rules for the respect of the environment including the protection of caves and karst areas. At the end of their studies you are obtained the qualification of instructors or assistant instructors aim to collaborate in the creation of caving courses as well as coordinate the activities of individual soles of caving part of the CNSS-SSI.

The CNSS-SSI is set in three areas, the local area, regional and national. The local area provides for the establishment of Speleology Schools organized by one or more caving groups to promote and organize top-level core courses and advanced courses. Also they ensure the preparation of the instructors.

As for the regional area, in each region there is a Regional Executive Committee set up by the Regional Coordinator CNSS-SSI, it organizes qualification training aimed at all instructors and regional courses of the second level of cultural expertise, scientific and technical, these courses are often organized with the collaboration of the Regional Federations speleologiche.

The area includes the National Commission which is coordinated by the National Executive Committee in collaboration with the Assembly of Regional Coordinators, these organs are aimed at developing national third-level specialization courses, as well as to take an interest in the production of teaching material and to coordinate individual schools on a national level, promoting inter-regional technical-educational collaboration.

All participants in the courses organized by the CNSS-SSI are covered by insurance policies SSI